Melamine Grits:
  • Paint Stripping on steel body (Automobile/ Truck/ Railcar/ Bus)
  • Blast cleaning engine parts during overhaul (only carbon are removed)
  • Cleaning of steel mold (mold with composite material stains deposited during molding process)
  • Stainless steel & Fiber glass storage tank
  • Removal of flashes from electronic components (Discrete semiconductor/ integrated circuits)
  • Removal of light flashes from die cast components ( aluminium/zinc/magnesium) 
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Urea Grits:
  • Aircraft paint stripping (Base material aluminium alloy)
  • Tyre mold cleaning in tyre manufacturing industry (mostly aluminium mold)
  • Removal of flashes & resin bleed from electronic components (Epoxy molded packages etc)
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Acrylic Grits:
  • Aircraft paint stripping (Base material aluminium alloy)
  • Dry stripping of aircraft components (Wheels/ Brakes/ landing gear)
  • Removal of flashes & resin bleed from electronic components (epoxy molded packages)
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Polycarbonate Pellets:
  • Low temperatue high speed blast deflashing
  • For cryogenic deflashing of precision rubber parts (o-rings/oil seal/etc )
  • For cryogenic deflashing of precision metal die cast pasrts (Zinc/ Aluminium/ Magnesium)

    For ambient deflashing of thermoset parts (circuit breaker/ electrical connector/ switches)

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Nylon (polyamide):
  • For ambient deflashing of complex parts made from thermoset plastic & engineering plastic (circuit breaker/ electrical connector/ electrical wall plate/ switches)

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