Glass Beads for Blasting are suitable for high pressure sandblasting and preening processes.

For Cleaning, Finishing, Peening
And Deburring Applications

● Impart A Controlled, Clean Finish On
A Variety Of Metals
● Clean Quickly Without Significant
Metal Removal
● Clean, Finish, Peen And Deburr At Once
● Provide A Unique Surface Finish
● Can Be Recycled Many Times
● Contains No Free Silica
● Environmentally Safe
● Backed By Potters Technical Support
● Meets Both Mil And AMS Specs For
Heavy Metal Limits

Glass Bead Media:
● Are consumed at a slow rate and can
survive multiple impacts, allowing for
continuous recycling of the media.
● Are chemically inert and will not leave
ferrous or other undesirable residues on
the surface of the workpiece.
● Impart a controlled, clean finish on a
variety of metals.
● Clean quickly without significant
metal removal.

● Cleans/preps surface of metal parts
without changing tolerances, or imparting ferrous pollutants.
● Combines cleaning, finishing and peening in one operation.
● Creates a wide range of unique surface finishes that are easy
to reproduce.
● Blends machine marks, seals pores and the results offer the
advantages of glass bead peening.
● Reduces the tensile stress in metal parts, increasing the
fatigue limit.
● Reduces stress corrosion cracking.
● Removes burrs without damaging the parts and offers a
peened surface in one operation.

Coarse Beads
● Remove larger, tougher soils;
Peen to more intense levels; Peen
to deeper zones in surface; Produce
higher surface RA; Produce brighter
surface; Consume faster at same
pressure as fine beads; In practice,
may consume slower than fine beads.
Fine Beads
● Remove smaller, lighter soil;
More impacts per pound; Clean
faster; Peen to less intense levels;
Peen outer zones of surfaces; Reach
into keyways, filletes and small areas;
Produce lower surface RA; Produce matte finish; Consume slower
at same pressure as coarse beads; In practice, may consume
faster than coarse beads.

All Beads
● Contains no free silica (environmentally friendly); Recycle many
times; Clean efficiently at 45º- 60º nozzle angle.
Bead size, shape of the workpiece, angle of the nozzle, distance
of the nozzle to the surface area, air pressure, and the type of
delivery system (suction versus direct pressure blast) are factors
affecting final surface appearance and media consumption

Technical Reference:
1. Appearance: Clean and transparent, no visible bubbles and impurity
2. Roundness: ≥75%
3. Density: 2.4-2.6 g/cm3
4. Glass bead composition: The glass bead is made of sodium and calcium. SiO2>70%

25kg/bag, one inner plastic bag, two poly-woven bags or one coated poly-woven bag. Paper bag or carton packing is available. Wooden pallet or jumbo bag is also available.



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