A stainless steel version with HD paintwork, the DF Pharma series was developed especially for surface finishing in the phramaceuticals and food industries and complies with the guidelines of these industries. Customized workpiece holders contribute greatly to the perfect finishing results obtained by the DF series and in addition to optimizing the clamping of workpieces, ensure fast mounting and batch changeover. In addition, the water cooling system of the process container keeps the polishing granuate at a consistently low temperature. This gives much longer service life and ensures that finishing results are consistent even at very high processing speeds.

  • Absolute reliability

Consistent use of only the best materials and components ensures trouble-free operation and long service life.

  • Maximum cost-effectiveness

Comparatively low capital investment coupled with the potential for very high cost savings in terms of processing times make the DF series an extremely cost-effective solution.

  • Perfect finishing results

Deburring, edge-rounding (even in the μm range) or high-lustre finish in a quality othwerwise only obtained through hand polishing.

  • Short processing times

In many cases, perfect surfaces can be obtained in just a few seconds


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