Black Aluminum Oxide is characterized by suitable hardness, good toughness and high sharpness, excellent self-sharpening. The articles polished by it obtain higher luster. It is widely used in cooking tool, electric coating, metal surface treatment, and glass products industries. Now it is mostly widely used in polishing mid-hardness materials, such as stainless steel cooking tools, lights, motorcycle parts and car parts.

1. The machine and technique are from Japan Nanko Abrasive Co., Ltd., which assure excellent quality.
2. The test equipment and method are from Japan Nanko Abrasive Co., Ltd., which assure the quality stability.
3. The factory own two bauxite minerals, which assure the stability of raw material.
4. Narrow particle range, no coarse particle, will not scrape the work pieces.
5. Good particle shape, good sharpness and excellent grinding effect.
6. High cleanness, no impurity and dust.
7. Good toughness, longer life.
8. Japan NANKO Brand, supervised by Japan Nanko Abrasives Co., Ltd.



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