Washington Mills Ceramics produces a wide variety of ceramic tumbling media and offers unlimited capabilities to produce custom shapes, sizes and compositions. Washington Mills Ceramics is steadfastly committed to serving our customers and offering the highest quality ceramic tumbling media products and services together with one of the largest inventories of any ceramic media manufacturer. In addition, Washington Mills Ceramics has unlimited capabilities to engineer and manufacture custom shapes and sizes.

Mass finishing or vibratory finishing is a method of finishing that cleans, radiuses, burnishes, deburrs, polishes and improves the surface finish of a manufactured part. Washington Mills Ceramics manufactures and distributes a wide range of non-abrasive, mild, medium and fast cutting vibratory media options for vibratory finishing applications through the use of DURAMEDIA® ceramic media, Specialty Abrasives, DURAMEDIA® Plastic and DURAMEDIA® Steel. The product line of tumbling media includes a wide variety of shapes such as cylinders, angle cut cylinders, stars, wedges, cones, pyramids, ellipses and triangles. Washington Mills Ceramics products serve a variety of industries including Medical & Dental Implants, Aerospace, Jet Engine and Turbine Blades, 3D Printing, Automotive Gears and Fasteners, Jewelry, Tooling and many more.

In addition to our line of high quality vibratory finishing media, Washington Mills Ceramics offers a parts processing lab that provides the early guidance and technical expertise necessary to choose the right vibratory media. The parts processing laboratory at Washington Mills Ceramics performs cost-effective and efficient mass finishing process development without interrupting your day-to-day production process.

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