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Spire Pte. Ltd is established in May 2002. Our main specialty is to serve industry requiring mass finishing needs. In support of our services, readily provided are test and demonstration centres which provide solutions to problems.

With our knowledge and experience, we can advise and recommend the most suitable equipment and process for application. Our professional staff can offer on-site training. Spire Pte Ltd provides several surface finishing and polishing services for its clients.

Using state-of-the-art machines, the company delivers high quality finishing required by its clients. These good results are derived not only from the machines. To achieve the trademark quality, the company does not scrimp in employing the best technology and also the most dedicated workers to handle its projects.

Currently, Spire carries out the following activities: deburring, polishing, radiusing, degreasing, descaling, and derusting. The company’s main focus is on surface finishing and polishing of metallic items such as computer hard disk casings, MP3 player casings, automotive parts, metal stamping and precision parts. The finishing process converts rough casings into smooth ones by removing the sharp and uneven edges. Polishing makes the products look clean and shiny. With a strong and experienced working force , Spire’s delivery of quality service is constant and unparalleled.

For all your finishing needs, Spire is the best solution.


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